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Anti Static Pvc Strip Curtains Manufacturers

Ganik Automation

Nov 14 2022

Anti Static Pvc Strip Curtains Manufacturers: We provide the finest Factory Pigeon anti-static PVC strip curtains manufacturers’ services to our esteemed clients. These nets are woven from the highest grade 100 percent copolymer nylon and other materials and adhere to the industry’s set specifications. We are a well-known manufacturer of Pigeon Nets. Our anti-static PVC strip curtains manufacturers’ services assist in eliminating this scourge without harming or killing pigeons. Pigeons kept in ducts can contribute to lung illness and respiratory infections. These nets are available in a variety of mesh sizes and colors.

Ganik Automation is known for its high-quality industrial PCV curtains and Doors. Serving the industry for the last 35 years they are now industry leaders who can fulfil your requirements for PVC curtains, strip curtains, insect control curtains, climate control PVC curtains, dock levelers, Automatic Roll Up doors, and much more. About Ganik Automation

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